Creative DoorwaysTM

Life is Simple.
We make it complicated.

Pep talk or anxiety attack?

Flipping coins

Creating possibilities

Stepping through Creative DoorwaysTM

Who am I?

I'm Mari Winslow. A Simple Girl with complicated thoughts and a Mandala maker.

Is your mindset giving you
a pep talk or anxiety attack?

Do you mentally flip a coin, over and over again, and start an inner dialogue that goes something like this:Yes! No! Maybe?
What If...?
What are my choices again?
What, or where, is my decision process?
How am I going to figure this one out?
Why do I feel like I'm stuck in quicksand?
Do I have to play by someone else's rule book?
Why do I keep arguing with myself?
And you wonder why you're tired at the end of the day when the only person you've had a conversation with is yourself? Sigh.Let me share a secret: Life is simple. We make it complicated.The extra bonus secret?The Beauty of You Doing You is not as complicated as you think.

Creative DoorwaysTM create possibilities

Here's what I know about you - about all of us. You already know what you know. It's just hard sometimes to access your inner spiritual gifts or inner wisdom in a way that connects the dots, sees the patterns, playing out in your life.You're a story waiting to be lived.Creative DoorwaysTM is about accessing what you truly know deep inside of you - the Beauty of You Doing You - and accessing those golden nuggets of wisdom buried under that inner chatter. It's about quieting all those voices in your head that can keep you stuck so you can be open to the possibilities that are waiting for you.

So, who am i?

Hi! I'm Mari Winslow, a Simple Girl with complicated thoughts and a Mandala maker. According to my Human Design, I have the heart of an intuitive explorer and the soul of a practical mystic.I am passionate about the different ways to see the beauty around and within us. Your Human Design Chart is one of the Creative DoorwaysTM I use to explore what that means for you.Here's what Dawn had to say about our session:"Mari Winslow was just what I needed when I first learned about the Human Design Chart. I am more effective at doing what I do, knowing how I'm wired and how I can best bring my gifts into the world. So thankful for her and her expertise! I regularly recommend her services to my friends and clients."